Hi! 👋🏼 I am Przemysław Paczoski

I'm a QA Team Leader and Test Automation Engineer currently based in Poland, Warsaw.

In the testing world for over 3 years, professionally. Currently working for Docplanner.

You may also know me as a host of Docplanner Tech Talks, a podcast where we share knowledge about technology and products.

My world revoles around frontend where I work on E2E test automation. Mostly with Typescript and Puppeteer. I love connecting the dots and making things happen. Working on complex test solutions, setting up architecture from scratch, automating tests in CI/CD or traditional processes to give users the best experience is something that drives me.

Besides programming, I enjoy reading books about business, finance, psychology, personal development, and design (UX and UI). I'm also keen on photography.

And I love sharing my knowledge to help people kickstart their career!

So follow my blog, subscribe to the newsletter, and enjoy all that I've learned over the course of my career.