Hi! 👋🏼 I am Przemysław Paczoski

I'm a business-oriented Consultant, QA Engineer and Team leader currently based in Poland, Warsaw.

In the testing world for over 3 years, professionally. Currently working for Stream Sage.

My world revolves around frontend where I work on test automation. Daily with Typescript, automate Integration and UI tests. I love connecting the dots and making things happen. Planning a test architecture, creating complex solutions or working on a pipelines is something that drives me.

Besides programming, I enjoy reading books about business, finance, psychology, personal development, and design (UX and UI). I'm also keen on photography.

And I love sharing my knowledge to help people kickstart their career!

So follow my blog, subscribe to the newsletter, and enjoy all that I've learned over the course of my career.

You can hire me, so don't hesitate to contact.

Ex host of Docplanner Tech Talks.

Previously Docplanner and X-Trade Brokers.